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Pennsylvania FSBO Properties

At LoseTheAgent, you can list your Pennsylvania home for sale without a real estate agent. That means much lower costs when you use the for sale by owner PA tools we provide. If you are looking for homes for sale in PA by owner, you'll find those listed on our site, as well - including homes your real estate agent doesn't show you.

What Is the Benefit of Listing Your House for Sale by Owner in PA?

With LoseTheAgent, you gain a lot of freedom and ample access to the tools and resources you need to sell your home for the highest rate possible.
There are many reasons to take advantage of FSBO PA listings. First, consider the cost savings. You don't have to pay the 6% commission that is normally taken by real estate agents during a transaction. That means you can keep more of the home's value for yourself. It also means you can list your home at a more competitive price - attracting more buyers to you.
Our tools enable you to get your home in front of the most likely buyers. For example, with our free premium platform, you can manage peer-to-peer real estate with ease. Conveniently provide photos, information and videos about your home. We also have social media sharing tools to help you reach the right people looking to buy a home in your area.
For even more help, you can pay a small fee of $29 per month that allows you to have a stand-alone, custom website for your home listing. You'll gain more access to additional tools, as well.

Why Should You Buy for Sale by Owner PA Homes?

If you are a homebuyer, homes in Pennsylvania for sale by owner can prove to be one of the most valuable options. Many homeowners who list their home for sale do so at a lower price point than they could afford to list with an agent. With LoseTheAgent, you will gain access to a larger amount of homes at a more competitive price.
You can also use LoseTheAgent to make yourself a more competitive buyer. Upload your mortgage pre-qualification documents on the site for sellers to view. In the real estate market, that's important.

Is LoseTheAgent Right for You?

A for sale by owner PA listing can offer numerous benefits:
  • Sell your home to buyers who aren't on the open market.
  • Avoid paying real estate transaction fees.
  • Enjoy access to all of the legal services and professionals you need at a flat rate.
  • List your home online for free - there's no risk to getting started.
  • Add customization tools to make your home more attractive to would-be buyers.
If you plan to list your home for sale, LoseTheAgent is the route to take. Our streamlined platform is user-friendly, with all of the technology and resources you need. If you later require professionals for contracts or title transfers, we have excellent recommendations to help you.

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We make it easy to get your home listed. Just follow a few steps to create an account with us. If you're buying a home, check out our available homes for sale by owner in PA now!

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