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Illinois FSBO Properties

You don't need a real estate agent just to list your Illinois home for sale without a real estate agent. There are amazing homes in IL right now, homes for sale in IL by owner. We show all our Illinois FSBO homes, something agents often don't. We even have special tools that make finding a FSBO home in Illinois or Chicago super easy.

Here are the reasons you should list your FSBO home for sale in IL with LoseTheAgent

We are a premier web site for your For Sale By Owner home, we lead the market with our quality listings. We even have tools that make it easy to market and sell your FSBO IL home with just a few clicks.
An agent will charge you 5% to 6% of the sale price of your home jut for having found you a buyer. LoseTheAgent does not work that way, we bring buyers to see your FSBO IL listing, buyers that don't want to pay commissions either. For Sale By Owner homes in Illinois, specially Chicago and Pittsburgh are made so much more efficient with a powerful FSBO IL site like LoseTheAgent.
We provide a free premium platform for your FSBO Illinois home to be seen in the best light possible. You are the boss of your listing, not the agent, and thus your FSBO listing can have photos, videos, descriptions and details. You can even access our social media tools and reach out to like minded people looking to buy your For Sale by Owner in Illinois.
We even offer a completely optional SoloSeller tool for the sale of your FSBO home located in Illinois. This amazing tool creates a full featured video of your home and lets you create a website for your For Sale by Owner home in IL. There is much more but we don't have the space here to go into details.

Why are For Sale by Owner IL homes great to buy

For you the home buyer, homes for sale by owner in Illinois make for a natural choice. Home owners that are interested in FSBO are people that are sick of paying 5% of their homes value to real estate agents just so they can find a buyer. LoseTheAgent does that for you, finds you For Sale by Owner IL homes and usually at much lower prices. That's cause the owner lowers the price giving the benefit to the FSBO buyer of IL homes instead of an agent. even makes you a better buyer. We have a QualifiedBuyer program where many of our home owners agree to reduce the price of their home by significant amounts in order to have qualified buyers looking at their homes. All they ask is that you upload to LoseTheAgent IL home buyers a pre qualification letter. Only the FSBO staff at LoseTheAgent is able to see these documents, so it's secure.

Should you try to sell your FSBO IL home through LoseTheAgent?

Of course you should, how can it not be anything but beneficial. Go ahead and list your For Sale by Owner IL home on LoseTheAgent.
  • Find FSBO home buyers that are not looking on the big real estate sites
  • Get access to services and professionals that are required to sell a FSBO home in IL right on LoseTheAgent.
  • Get started with the smallest of investments a reap bif rewards
  • Use our SoloSeller tool set to make your FSBO IL home sale even more of a breeze
If you are wanting to sell your IL home by owner than you owe yourself to take a chance on With just a little bit of effort your For Sale BY Owner homes in Chicago or For Sale by Owner homes in Pittsburgh as well as all FSBO homes in Illinois can be on the market, looking to be purchased.

Homes that are for sale by owner in IL - Push the button now

A quick few click of the mouse and wham your home for sale by owner in Chicago, or FSBO home in Pittsburgh is looking lovely on a heavily visited web site ready to be sold and save you money!